• Window Design

    Development of modern energy efficient window systems .

    In our designs, we cover Aesthetics, Strength, Fit/Function and thermal efficiency.

    The example Aluminum profile window initially resulted in a combined 3.12 U Value

    The frame Sash profile was improved using a Thermal Break whilst the Frame and Sill Profiles were swapped for Pultruded GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer)

    The new configuration produced a 1.38 U Value

    • Window_Visual
      Aluminum Window Visualisation
    • High_Efficienct_Window_Design
      Initial Thermal Analysis
    • Heat_Flux_Window_Profile_Therm
      Improved Thermal Performance
  • Composite Structures

    The Delos (Deep Ocean Long Term Observatory System) was designed using Solidworks 3D Modeling. The structure is built from Fibre Reinforced Polymer profiles and Super Duplex Components.

    The Foot Bridge was visualised for Network Rail. The objected was to create a bridge form Fibre Composite materials but with the appearance of a steel Brunel Bridge.

    The Startlink house was designed in solidworks. The whole house is manufactured from Pultred FRP Profiles

    • Delos Ocean Structure
      DELOS -Ocean Structure
    • Dawlish_Bridge
      Dawlish Bridge -Devon
    • Startlink House