3D Model of BMW X5

Structural FEA

Fixtures are optimised before prototyping.

Therm analysis

Stress Analysis

Using Finite Element Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Fenestration's and Building Products

Product Development using;

  • Solidworks Engineering - 3D design solution for rapid creation of parts, assemblies, and 2D drawings
  • Solidworks Simulation -Linear stress analysis, validate quality and performance reducing the need for costly prototype
  • Thermal U-Value Analysis

Our extensive knowledge of Computer aided Design tools, Analysis software, 3D Modelling combined with our ability to produce realistic visual representations, strengthened our design services.

Our role in the design cycle allows our customer to look at the technical aspects, optimal choices and visual styles.

CAD and Simulations provide rapid prototype development tools. Finite Element Analysis allows us to quickly evaluate our idea and optimise the solution. Thermal, fluid, particle and many other forms of simulation methods let us test our ideas during the design stages.

For examples of our product development techniques, please see our case studies page.