3D Model of BMW X5

3D Illustration

The vehicle is created in CAD Geometry.

Therm analysis

THERMAL Analysis

Product Development using Simulation Techniques


Composite Structural Design

We specialise in Fibre Reinforced Polymer design

3D Camera Visualisation

3D Photo realism

3D models are rendered to represent real products - please view our gallery page to see more examples.


Surface Modeling

The Boat hull was modeled to assist in the structural and naval design.


3D Modeling

The train was modeled for a High Speed 2 illustration.

Our Services

  • Engineering & Product Design using Solidworks
  • Complex Surface Modeling for manufacture and illustration
  • Thermal U-Value Analysis
  • Short Product Animation
  • Photo Realistic Visualisation's

Realucs specialises in Computer Aided Design for both product illustration and product development. We are a small company and our customers employ our professional assistance with product development and to illustrate their products for marketing purposes.

We use solidworks 3d software for engineering design and autodesk visualisation software for visuals and animation. We also use Thermal analysis software for U Value assessment. These and other software programs allow us to offer Parametric design, Technical Drawings, Finite Element Analysis, Fluid dynamics, Cloth Simulation and complex animations.